I’m different.

And because I’m different, I’m judged.

Why is it required of me to be like you?

Why should I conform to that which is ‘normal’?

What is ‘normal’ anyway? – that which is perceived by the masses? – who wants to be a part of the masses? Who wants to be  a sheep, a follower, a statistic?

I’m beyond that.

I lead, I command.

I am the object of fear, the unrealistic dreamer.

Why should I fear you, you who has never had the courage to stand tall for anything, you who has always stood in the shadow, you who wants to kill my vision and judge my honesty.

Why do you assume to be better than I, when you are but a venomous crowd?

I choose reality. I choose truth. I choose righteousness. I choose me.

I am a result of the Divine. I am the product of the Almighty. I am the child of the Creator.

How dare you question this design! How dare you assume that you are created better than I? How dare you judge God’s perfect masterpiece!

I am me.

I am not you.

So when you look at me, understand… I’m Different.


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