This Love


We were blinded at first… believing that we would be normal like the rest of the world.

We were not normal, we were different and this difference made me realise that he was never meant to be physically with me, to live with me, to marry me, to father my children. He was only supposed to love me and be loved by me.

He told me he would love me forever, and I thought that meant marriage, children and growing old together.

It didn’t!

It meant more than what we know in this world. It meant having a love so true and so pure, that we could love each other on a cosmic level. Beyond life, beyond death and beyond what God had planned for us.

We had free will, and this free will we used to conquer physical attachment. This free will we chose to love endlessly.

He told me, not even God can make him stop loving me, and I believed him.

I believed that we were stuck in a vicious world that didn’t understand the purity of our love. A world that forced me to love a husband, but never a man. A world that would not allow us to be together. A bitter world that thought if they separated us, we would stop loving.

They were wrong!

We loved… the more they fought us apart, the stronger our love grew. With every rising sun, we grew fonder, we fell deeper…

They thought they had won… but we knew they hadn’t!

We had conquered all that was worldly and reached a state of happiness… We had found love. Our love was true, and innocent. Our love was proof that anything was possible. Our love … a once in a lifetime blessing, that only the lucky few got to enjoy.

He told me he would love me forever…
And I truly felt his aching words in the depth of my soul.

He told me he would love me forever… and I believe his forever will never die!


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