My Trip to the Gynea…

The thing about seeing a Gynecologist is, you never know how long you will be.

My appointment was at 12.30pm and after an hour of waiting, the receptionist informs us that the doc is still in theatre performing a delivery! So obviously we couldn’t be upset about her not keeping to these appointments – which were made 3 months in advance!

So while we wait, the receptionist asks me to please pee on a stick! I mean I don’t mind it, and I understand the reason for it. But every time the receptionist takes my stick and punches in the results she glares up at me and asks, “Has anything changed since your last visit?”

This time I decided to respond with more than just a “no” and said, “Eeeerr .. noooo, why, is there something different from my previous visit?” to which the receptionist responds by continuing to glare at her PC, completely ignoring me.

Confused – I quietly return to my seat.

While I’m having a panic attack in my mind, the receptionist moves along to her next victim.

The doc finally arrives and to my dismay I realize I have a row of people who have to be attended to before me – they’re highly pregnant and have other infants with them so, I maintain my cool and wait… praying that my boss didn’t notice that I have been away from the office this long.

As I pray, my mind drifts … “should I make another appointment? But that will be another 3 months! – I wonder what was different about my pee stick – I hope this is quick!”

“Miss Bala!” yells the receptionist – its 2:15pm, and finally my turn! I leap up, grab my bag, shuffle past this cute (obviously married guy) and walk in.

“Hello my darling!” says the doc. “Please, take everything off and I will be with you in a moment.”

eeeqqqqqq #BringOnThePap I say!

THE END! (I decided to keep the rest of the story a secret… BOYS… you really don’t want to know what happens next)


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