#Dance2015 – Help us educate a child

TruRo Productions call to action 

TruRo Productions is hosting ‪#‎Dance2015 on 25 April (7:30pm; Thekwini College 262 D’Aintree Ave) and tickets are selling at R150 each. The show comprises of very professional artists, Bharatanatyam graduates, break dancers, hip hop experts, professional singers and local celebrities. 

We have come together to raise funds, to pay for our disadvantaged children’s school fees.

We plead with you… parent, teacher, school principle, friend or business person… your small contribution will help us educate a child.

Children should never have the burden of worrying if their school fees have been paid, or if they will be able to go to school the following year! Children deserve to be able to read & write, to graduate and to make their mark! 
We want to give our children this opportunity, so the more funds we raise, the more children we can help.

We want to make a difference in our country… but we need your help to do it.

Most of us go out to eat a meal for more than R150… how about we put that money to some good use?

Have a look at this video when you have a chance:https://t.co/4a6EijXb2A

We will be selling tickets at the door too, but it would be really nice if we could have an idea of how much we have raised beforehand, hence we are trying to sell these tickets early. 
If you still want to purchase at the door – perhaps let us know how many tickets you will be taking, so we can allocate seats for you, just in-case!

To buy a ticket, call 072 575 5851 or emailtruroproductions@gmail.com.

Thanks so much! 



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