Why I’m marrying later …

I have been through so many questions about why I wasn’t married.

Some of the most ridiculous conversations were had, and I chose to ignore them all. Not because I do not believe in marriage, but because I needed to love myself first.

I needed to be my own person, achieve my own dreams and earn my own successes.

I sadly, had to date many losers to eventually truly understand what I wanted, needed and deserved.

Finally, I am ready to take the next step and delve into another department of adulthood with a man that I can finally say I am proud to be around, and who complements me completely.

My advice to all 20 something year old’s – DO NOT FEEL PRESSURED!

First focus on you and your family, go on dates, live life and have fun… and when you find a connection like no other – then choose to do those very same things with him/her.

Don’t be afraid that marriage ends all the fun… think about how wonderful it will be to enjoy the same things you always have been with someone who totally gets you, and appreciates you.

Never settle… and it’s ok to date assholes… they will be the reason you never settle for less.

Here’s some entertainment: http://www.scoopwhoop.com/humor/marriage-excuses/?ep=FBDP5


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