29 realizations about being 29

29 realizations about being 29


The thing about being 29 is that people will never let you enjoy it – especially if you’re a woman!

Conversations around becoming an adult, more responsibilities – and if you’re not married with kids … oh boy! Let’s just say, your ‘biological clock’ will be ALL that older women will chat to you about! I have been there… and NO… it’s not the reason I got hitched!

It’s bad enough that I am having emotional trouble… Realizing that I am leaving my 20’s is a HUGE DEAL – can I enjoy my youth please???

It’s worse in my case since I am born at the end of the year, so I enjoyed being 29 for just over a month until EVERYONE talks about how the year 2015 is my ‘BIG 30’…. Eeerrrr NO…. can you just STOP! My ‘BIG 30’ will be enjoyed mostly in 2016….

So what’s special about being 29?

Here’s 29 realizations I found about being 29:

  1. I started eating better 

Let’s face it, pizza is bloody good, but our bodies don’t digest it like before! A slice of pizza grows my butt and thighs by 5cm unless I gym and eat salads for a week to burn off that one slice!

  1. I feel more confident 

Being myself feels so much better than being the person society wants me to be

  1. I know who I am and what I stand for

I don’t care what others think and I feel more confident about expressing my thoughts

  1. I appreciate my parents more than I did before

Being around my parents is more important than hanging with my mates.

  1. I hardly see my friends

Seeing my friends is a luxury I don’t have. And when I do have some time… it’s usually to run errands.

  1. I watch less TV

Watching TV is really a pill to make me sleep

  1. I am more intuitive and in touch with my spiritual side

I explore philosophical issues and converse on deep meaningful topics

  1. I am not in the mood to randomly date 

I suddenly became ready to have a meaningful relationship … so I found me a hubster… and a good one too!

  1. I rock my own style and don’t care what others think 

My style is admired by most and it makes me feel comfortable.

  1. I have thoughts of being 21, 24 and 26 again

And then realize that I much rather be 29, since those who are younger than me are actually not that smart

  1. I enjoy travelling and fine dining 

Appreciation for different restaurants and experiences become exciting

  1. Outdoor activities and braais are my best outings

This is the best way to bond with friends and family

  1. Clubbing has become a rare occurrence 

Gone are the days of every weekend partying. I have actually started appreciating waking up early on weekends and not hibernating. Making use of the weekend instead of sleeping in is so much better for my soul

  1. I feel surer about my choices now than ever before

Making decisions (even the wrong ones) is ok… It’s my growth and my lesson

  1. I don’t take any crap from anyone. Period.

I have been through enough, so I am not willing to be nice to assholes

  1. I love my own company

I find this the only way I can find myself

  1. I have a need to make a positive difference to my world

I yearn to make my mark and prove my worth….

  1. Because I don’t care… I love giving people a reason to talk about me
    Remember the days we cared what people thought? Well… It’s doesn’t matter at 29 coz life is so much more important than people’s judgmental opinions. Anyway… you can talk about me, coz I’m a hot topic

19. I ‘hashtag’ correctly as opposed to the ‘Bae Generation’ who ‘hashtag’ every word … #BeingDumbIsUncool 

Please can all under 29 year olds LEARN how to bloody hashtag correctly #YoureFuckingUpOurFuture

  1. I don’t care if my hair is GHD’d … coz I rock me any which way!
    If it receives compliments… then it is working for you… PERIOD
  2. I rock quite a lot of 24 year olds out the pond!

ERRR because I can!

  1. I don’t have hormonal pimples anymore 

Thank God for that!

  1. I love truly, deeply and openly… 

Love is much more than physical attraction…

  1. I can afford to buy my own clothes, pay my bills and live on my own

Even if I were able to do this earlier, at 29 I kinda switched to ‘I need to get my shit together’ mode

  1. I have a solid 5 year and 10 year plan

Hmmmm … well this is a plan in my head… and I am actually seeing it materialize

  1. I sleep early on Friday nights so I can look great on Saturday mornings

I hate hangovers, and I hate not enjoying my weekends

  1. I choose the kind of adult I want to be
    At 29 I truly understand who I want to be and don’t need anyone telling me who to be.
  2. I hate reading anything long… give me the important facts and let’s move on – unless it’s a good book!

So many 29 year Old’s will be over this blog by now – haha

  1. I hate the word ‘bae’ 


Cheers to living in the moment and being liberated by the people we are now! Happy 29!



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