Pyaar, Ishq aur… Mohabbath

 I was scared. Afraid. Petrified. I didn’t know what to expect and no one ever told me what it would be like.

All I knew, that it was happening and it was happening now.

It felt so foreign, and yet familiar. I remember closing my eyes and saying, “just go with it!”

Never did I think it would go on this long. Never fading, getting better day by day.

I became more in tune with my thoughts, feelings and desires.

How can this feel so perfect? Will it ever end? Will I get tired and move on?

None of these questions scared me. I didn’t care! I knew what I wanted. What I needed. What my heart yearned for.

I was happy to do anything for it … I became an addict. I relied on this feeling to secure my happiness.

There was nothing else that mattered.

All I felt was true elation.

All I felt was love.

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