Less is more …. 

We have moved to a new and improved way of staying clean, feeling sexy and looking good.

We live in a time of full body waxes and taking ‘less is more’ to a whole new level.

Even the usual Bikini waxes are becoming more and more unpopular as the much ‘awwwwwed’ Hollywood or Full Brazilian takes center stage in today’s sex driven society! 

If you need a crash course, this may help:

Have you ever had a full body wax? If you haven’t, I recommend trying it – just once – you will literally feel like a new person and I guarentee your world will change – forever!

When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful! 

If you’re still feeling icky about the thought of some stranger checking out your assets… Just change the way you think! This person is a professional and trust me, they really don’t want to see your stuff or talk about it further! It’s their job and everything stays behind closed doors… And after a few visits, it starts feeling normal and ‘unawkward’.

I now have hearty conversations with my Beauty Therapist while she attends to my grooming needs… So give it time!  

Being well groomed can be an expensive habit and I agree, is difficult to maintain regularly if you can’t afford it. I recommend subscribing to Farah Dukhai as she has amazing DIY tips (there are many more amazing bloggers, but she has become my favorite so far).

If you watched The Wolf of Wall Street, you would have picked up when Leo’s character talks to his Dad about how women are all clean and his dad responds by saying how times have changed.

And it has, tremendously so too. We have come so far that I have the freedom to blog about it!

So whether you love it or not… It is better to have said “I tried” than not having experienced showering and climbing into bed under clean sheets just after a wax!!! 

I say YES to the pain and YAY to being born in our modern times! #HairFreeWomen

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3 thoughts on “Less is more …. 

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  1. Whoa!! Do I dare click Like on this post and get away with it safely?? 😀
    Just kidding.. came by to see what you had posted.. and umm.. now I need to close my eyes for a while.. cringe!!!
    Nice post, liberating.. er.. no pun there.. though.. I meant your style..

    Liked by 1 person

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