My gift from God 

I didn’t think it would happen so quickly. I mean, I was in the midst of preparing for my dance show and really did not have time to ponder on anything that was remotely unrelated to show biz. I had taken the entire week off just to make sure the show was perfect! 

I rewarded myself with a pizza, and as I got ready to indulge, my thoughts took over. I just couldn’t brush off the feeling. I needed to know, but since it was 3 days before the show, I thought – was I crazy to add more pressure on myself? “Perhaps I should wait untill after the show?” “NO!” I debated. The anticipation was far too much. I had to know now… I needed to know… 

Off I darted to my car and sped off to the nearest pharmacy.

“I would like to purchase a pregnancy test,” I whispered. The lady smiled at me and said, “Here you go, good luck!”

“Thanks so much,” I replied and made my way out.

Driving home seemed endless and daunting. As the anxiety took over I slammed on my accelerator. The quicker I got home, the sooner I would know. 

At 29 years old you’re probably thinking – what’s the big deal, she is old enough – I guess you would be right. In fact, “if I am pregnant then I will have made all those people who said my clock is ticking quite happy”, I thought. Still, I felt the pressure and instantly felt like a scared little girl again!

I didn’t have any signs. I wasn’t bloated, no pain, no morning sickness, no craving…. But wait… I was meant to get my period… “Oh crap!” I yelled. 

I was finally home and was now waiting in the bathroom. Five minutes felt like a lifetime away and as I waited my feet tapped to the sound of my pounding heart as I felt my blood vessels begin to heat and my veins begin to swell. 

I looked at my watch… It was time. I picked up the stick, and there it was! Two very confident red lines. I read the instructions again and checked the stick once more. In 5 minutes my entire life had changed. In 5 minutes my world became meaningful beyond measure. I had purpose. I belonged. I had a reason for this life. 

I took a deep breathe and smiled. “Thank you Gurudev!” I whispered. I could not explain my elation. How was it possible for me to feel such happiness? I was surprised at my reaction. There was a miracle inside me, and God had chosen me to be a mother. I was blessed. Truly blessed! 

Now, at 39 weeks, I eagerly await my little rascal’s arrival and I hope he or she learns the power of true love – it’s a magical feeling indeed! 



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