Last night I returned to my marital abode

Leaving the comforts of my maiden home, 

To resume my duties as a good wife 

To begin my journey with my little joy

Last night I felt sad

I missed my dad

I felt empty not seeing mummy 

She told me it would be hard

But she never told me it would be this hard

I want to go back home!

To the little girl I once was

But no matter how much I want to go back, I must grow up for my joy! 

Mum says I will be fine, just like her and gran…

Now as I think about my own family…

I realize, mum was right 

She left her home to make my home, and so I must quest on

To do the same for my joy.

I must be strong – I must be brave! 

And everytime I think of going home 

I will remember why you never did

You chose us

And so ….

I must choose mine



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