TRADITIONS: To be or not to be… 

In a world of fake boobs, lip jobs, tummy tucks, women empowerment, freedom of speech, working mums and no time – it’s pretty safe to say that we don’t have time for tradition. While some tradition is good, most customs and ‘ways of life’ are slowly becoming annoying, time consuming, useless and a thing of the past.

Take women for example, we are powerful in the work place and at home. Hubsters/partners are good with cooking, chores and babies! And while it all comes together perfectly amidst the madness, I often wonder how aweful it would have been had it not changed! 

Some traditions are wonderful to have and rightfully so. Like, prayer traditions, family traditions and traditions we started with our childhood friends. But when do we draw the line? 

Let’s look at one of the oldest Indian traditions – living with your mother in law – as an example. How often does a daughter in law say, “I love living with my mother in law?” Yeah, I thought so too – almost all women never say this! Why? Well there are many reasons, but the main reason is because of how the world has changed. We have become so modernized that living in a house where we are not in charge is fast becoming the cause of heart disease and depression in women. 

Women have a natural ability to care and be the organizers (sort of like an ops exec or MD), when she feels compromised, she acts out and finds ways to change her circumstance.

Men on the other hand are the protectors and doers – the CEO of his family. He is supportive, understanding and a forward thinker. When he feels compromised he too will find ways to bring back balance and equilibrium.

Both his and her attributes, character and personality work in unison to survive this high paced, crazy society!

Do you have traditions you think should die? What are they, and why do you think it useless for our modern times? 
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