Behind the glory, lives the madness 

When Shiv was born, I instantly forgot about all the troubled days my hubster and I underwent. It was a long journey. We were tested to a point of explosion.

If you’re planning on having kids, perhaps you should consider taking some notes now. Have you heard of a condition loosely called, PUPPP? It’s basically a skin rash that is common in your third trimester. It itches continuously and the more you try to stop scratching it, the more it itches and scabs all over your body. Only  1 in every 200 first time mums get this horrid condition and 75% of these ‘infected’ mums birth boys. It has to do with your hormones rejecting that of the baby’s. This experience is like death – warmed up – and the only cure is actual birth! Can you imagine!?! 

I happened to be unfortunate enough to get PUPPP in my last trimester! It was a gruesome roller coaster for my hubby and I. We spent hours awake applying camomile lotion all over my body which only gave me an hour of satisfaction untill the itch began again. 

It got so bad that I became extremely emotional and was forced to go on maternity leave early. 

I would sit in my room all day with the icy aircon and watch TV to take my mind off the itch. I tried everything, creams, ice, soaps, Indian remedies…. NOTHING! I had no choice but to bear this out till the end of my pregnancy. 

Here’s what it looked like (you may want to skip this if you’re too sensitive)

It first appears in your stretch marks on your belly and then it spreads to your legs and arms. This photo was taken only in the first week of me getting PUPPP, it got pretty bad by the time I was ready to give birth.

The other challenge of pregnancy was my weight gain, water retention and swelling. My body held so much water that I could not walk, sit or sleep. To add to the trauma of my last trimester, my hands and feet started burning and became itchy, this, I was told was normal along with the  edema in pregnancy. 

My will power was tested, I felt like God needed me to be ready for motherhood and so he made sure I was strong. 

When Shiv arrived, I instantly forgot about everything and the most important lesson I learnt was that nothing goes according to plan in pregnancy. 

I was all set to have a natural birth, but Shiv wasn’t engaging, and so on the day he was due I asked my doc to please take him out as I could no longer function as a normal human being. 

When the doc pulled him out she said I was right to go this route as the umbilical chord was tightly wrapped around his neck and had he engaged he would have gone into distress and it would be an emergency c-section anyway! 

Looking back I realize everything happened in favour of us having a gorgeous, healthy baby. Being pregnant for me was a roller coaster … But it’s so worth it! Having my Hubster help me on this journey and be my strength is what kept me sane.

We are blessed to be human, and we are blessed to learn how strong we truly are through God’s tests, trials and miracles.

Now I embrace the challenges of motherhood, and I say BRING IT ON! 

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  1. Wow, that was very interesting, never knew about this condition. Just goes to show how special and unique you are. You are absolutely amazing and strong! Shiv is very lucky to have you as his mom!


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