Mind your language!!!

I’m Ro.

I’m South African of Indian descent.

I follow a Hindu philosophy.

I am neither Tamil, Hindi, Telegu, Gujirathi, Urdu, Sanskrit or Arabic. I can however, converse in Hindi, Tamil and Sanskrit.

Does that make me less of a person?


If anything, it makes me more!

More versatile. More learned. More open minded. More diverse.

The old age battle between people who speak North Indian languages, commonly known in SA as the ‘bread ous’ and people who speak South Indian languages – the ‘porridge’ ous – is what is wrong with our Indian people!

Sure, one can be proud of ones language, but does it have to be better than another? Does it have to make you seem more socially elite to another? … Like… WTF???

Who cares that you’re Tamil, Hindi or Gujirathi speaking? Are you a good person? Do you have good values? Is your moral compass true to righteousness?

Why are there temples and places of worship that only sing in Tamil, Gujirathi or Hindi? Do you think God blesses you more based on the language you choose to praise with?

Come on Indians! Wake up! Stop being so backward! How can we have racial freedom when we don’t even have equality within our own race.

Do not be sucked into an old school of thought.

It’s ok to marry another, it’s ok to speak another, it’s ok to embrace another.

Let’s be forward thinkers. Let’s not encourage our children to be prejudice. Let’s be bold to be the change!

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