Madness of parenting 

From the moment I am suddenly awoken by Shiv’s screaming cries at 4am to the time I eventually crawl into bed at 11pm I am constantly moving, thinking, panting and trying to work all at once. 

It’s been a year now and still, I haven’t figured out how to get all my work done, cook, eat, excersize, dance, spend quality hubby time (let alone friend time) and most importantly – get enough sleep.

This world is insanely busy. There is always something going on. Being a parent means becoming a superhuman. This job is not for the faint hearted!

Then there are the million-and-one parenting advice and rules from grandparents, family and friends who have to make it known that they know more than you by showing off their experiences and never actually letting us figure it out for ourselves, which is both incredibly annoying and overwhelming!

But however crazy my world becomes, I somehow manage to maintain order by marking my territory as an Alpha female – it’s exhausting – but my personality forces me into battle mode, to prove I am worthy of being Queen of my tribe. 

To make things a tad more crazy, I’m Indian. Which means there are always family functions and visits I have to do, which leaves me with little or no time to just spend time alone with my own family… let’s not even try getting me time!  

It’s been a rollercoaster ride. Late nights, early mornings, sore eyes and tired bodies. Every parents lifestyle. 
Yet, somehow, we wouldn’t change it for the world! There is something about the presence of a child. They make you feel like everything is perfect…. well… until they start crying their tops off! 

I always said that life does not stop when you have children. Ofcourse, that was a statement made by my very single, very inconsiderate, know-it-all younger self! Life kinda does stop for a little while when children come into the picture. Maybe it’s more that it stopped being what it used to be and changed forever, with no point of return. And that’s the challenge. Trying to make everything fit in with your goals, lifestyle and dreams.

Tough one huh? 

Ofcourse it is! It’s definitely different… very different. But it’s different in a better way. 

In the madness of trying to find your sanity and providing unconditional love … your reason will come to the fore and you will realize that all of this is worth it. Your reason, your purpose. The definition of who you are as a human. And when that happens… everything looks beautiful! 

Blessed are we who parent a child. For a child is the embodiment of purity, and only in purity can we find God. 


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