More about Ro

I’m Ro.

I used to be a radio jock, and then I did some Miss India SA struts and got a crown for it. My dance teacher graduated me and so did the Universities I attended so I decided to start a production company, TruRo Productions, where I teach dancing to children, choreograph, direct and produce shows. Since I got that tertiary certificate and intense corporate experience, I also started TruRo GLAM doing image creation amd marketing for personal, social and corporate life (check out my instagram pages for details 😊). Oh, aaaand my most proudest accomplishment is owning a hubby and a baby 🤗!

When I get a chance to be alone,  I blog/vlog to express my thoughts, ideas, opinions and offer advice and motivation via my YouTube channel – The Front Ro (please subscribe).

It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you did or who you are (that sounded like a Backstreet Boys song…) when you’re a part of my squad (meaning: please follow my blog!) you’ll always be sitting in The Front Ro

Come join my world of thoughts, words and freedom fights. Who knows, perhaps, together, our voice could change the world someday.

#Inspire #Ignite #Involve


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