She made me feel 19 years old again. She made me feel inadequate. She made me feel stupid.

Everything I did was wrong. Everything I did was never good enough. I had no personality and energy – she said. 

I was confused? What have I become? Why was I failing? How was this happening? 

I felt betrayed by the people who I thought were good. I felt alone, daunted by the circumstance I faced! 

When will it end. God said this would get better! 

Back home was a mess, work was a mess… and I had become a mess.

I knew it was not fair. I knew I was wronged. 

What could I do?

I had to choose! 

So I listened to God’s voice inside me, I picked my head up and decided … I will fight! 

I will fight because I had a WHY.. and that WHY told me that no matter what comes my way, I will win!

I will be better, richer, wiser! 

I will not let racial discrimination, unethical rudeness and pathetic leadership define my future! 

I am the creator of my own destiny. I am a fighter, a leader.

I am distinguished, able and loyal. 

I am honest, kind and true! 

I do not quit! 


One day I will look back and have a chuckle!

One day I will have said … #ThisTooShallPass 
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We are ANGRY

A criminal was beaten to a pulp by motorists because he tried to hi-jack an innocent old man. Another criminal was beaten and thrown into the bushes for the police to find after he tried to steal a car from a poor mans home.

Our people are angry! We are afraid everyday to live in our homes, because it no longer feels safe. We are afraid to go to the park, malls, schools or even the movies. We can’t afford security guards and so we rely on your officers to make us feel safe.

Our people are bickering and fighting. And when they fight they hurt each other and damage our schools and universities.

You say you are here for us, but whenever we ask for your help you ignore us. Do you know what it feels like to be us? How can you? You have a mansion, with servants and too much free time, so you mate and bask, while we work tirelessly to pay for your fancy lifestyle.

Our people are lost, and they need to be guided. Is our turmoil not loud enough for you to hear?

We trusted you, we voted for you, and now, 22 years later, Tata turns in his grave. You have let us down. You have let him down.

Why have you become selfish? When was it ok to forget about the poor? Tata said overcoming poverty was an act of justice – it is not natural to be in poverty. So why do you smile  back at us with no response, while you get fatter on our hunger?

We are losing respect from our global friends and soon we will be exactly like what was once the bread basket of Africa.

We need more. We deserve more. We want a new, younger, more degreed person, who will lead our people into salvation. This new leader will not be jailed in the past. This new leader will understand and empathise with the past, and act in accordance to righteousness of being good and doing good.

We need to be saved – or else our people will get more angry… and if we don’t do something soon… their anger will end our nation.

You can help us get better – all you have to do is change.

We need change – change for the better. Change to be sure of a brighter future. We don’t want to see our leader in the news for bad things. We want to see our leader making news for being great – like Tata was.

We need another Tata!

We need a saviour!

God Bless Africa

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika


Mind your language!!!

I’m Ro.

I’m South African of Indian descent.

I follow a Hindu philosophy.

I am neither Tamil, Hindi, Telegu, Gujirathi, Urdu, Sanskrit or Arabic. I can however, converse in Hindi, Tamil and Sanskrit.

Does that make me less of a person?


If anything, it makes me more!

More versatile. More learned. More open minded. More diverse.

The old age battle between people who speak North Indian languages, commonly known in SA as the ‘bread ous’ and people who speak South Indian languages – the ‘porridge’ ous – is what is wrong with our Indian people!

Sure, one can be proud of ones language, but does it have to be better than another? Does it have to make you seem more socially elite to another? … Like… WTF???

Who cares that you’re Tamil, Hindi or Gujirathi speaking? Are you a good person? Do you have good values? Is your moral compass true to righteousness?

Why are there temples and places of worship that only sing in Tamil, Gujirathi or Hindi? Do you think God blesses you more based on the language you choose to praise with?

Come on Indians! Wake up! Stop being so backward! How can we have racial freedom when we don’t even have equality within our own race.

Do not be sucked into an old school of thought.

It’s ok to marry another, it’s ok to speak another, it’s ok to embrace another.

Let’s be forward thinkers. Let’s not encourage our children to be prejudice. Let’s be bold to be the change!

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