My spontaneous Pravina visit 

My trip to Pravina’s Hair Salon was perfectly unplanned. I had a sudden urge to have a trim and seeing as I was already at the mall I marched on to see if they would have me. 

I was greeted by two very friendly faces and explained that I didn’t have an appointment. They happily accepted me and escourted me to a nearby chair where my hair was examined. I explained my needs and the stylist very calmly explained exactly what she would do to achieve my desired look.

I was then taken to the wash basin to have my hair cleaned. This is probably my reason for coming to salons such ad these… the head massages! 

After a good 20 minutes I was offered a cuppa and a magazine to enjoy while they did their magic.

I decided I wouldn’t go short as initially planned but wanted some va va  voom 

Hence…. rollers!

I was super stoked with how shiny, smooth and wonderful my experience was. 

Usually, at other salons I am asked way too many questions and leave feeling a tad unhappy with the result. 

This was my third visit to Pravina’s Hair Salon and everytime I walked out feeling more beautiful. It’s not the cheapest hair cut but, at R350, it was incredibly worth it. Sometimes the value-add makes all the difference.

Thanks Pravina… see you again soon!



The most exhilarating experience for me is having to walk into a MAC store. The people, the atmosphere and … the make-up!

I first bought my MAC back in 2009 when no one my age was into it. I was working at a fashion company and was around older women who knew alot about make-up. I was naive and quickly learnt that to be valued and taken seriosuly in the fashion world, I needed to up my game and learn more about the environment I was working in.

I remember my first experience so clearly. It was at the MAC in Edgars Westville. I was greeted by a team of black attired eccentric females whome I thought wore waaay too much make-up. The make-up attendent who ‘chose me’ took me to the nearest seat and asked what I would like. I explained that I didn’t know coz all I wore was kajol. She was shocked at my lack of knowledge and proceeded to bring everything to me. She applied Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation and already I could see how airbrushed my face looked. I was glowing and all I had was base.

After impressing me with this, she asked if I had heard of contouring, to which I replied no. After she explained this to me with pics I advised her that contouring may not be for me as I’m not much of a morning person so taking time in the morning to contour my face would be close to impossible! She then decided to go with a simple make-up application for both on-stage and off, casual, night time and every other time. I also explained that I didn’t want to use foundation on my face everyday, so she recommended the Pro Longwear Powder which I now SWEAR BY!

What’s even more satisfying is that I don’t have to buy make-up every other month. MAC is reliable and has really changed the way I look in every environment I am in. I am more confident and don’t need to look in a mirror all the time because I am that sure of how good my MAC looks on me. My skin is soft, supple and natural looking, which is exactly how make-up should be.

Thank you MAC – you’ve made me beautiful!

Don’t you love Ri Ri – YES – she is a MAC girl too!