My spontaneous Pravina visit 

My trip to Pravina’s Hair Salon was perfectly unplanned. I had a sudden urge to have a trim and seeing as I was already at the mall I marched on to see if they would have me. 

I was greeted by two very friendly faces and explained that I didn’t have an appointment. They happily accepted me and escourted me to a nearby chair where my hair was examined. I explained my needs and the stylist very calmly explained exactly what she would do to achieve my desired look.

I was then taken to the wash basin to have my hair cleaned. This is probably my reason for coming to salons such ad these… the head massages! 

After a good 20 minutes I was offered a cuppa and a magazine to enjoy while they did their magic.

I decided I wouldn’t go short as initially planned but wanted some va va  voom 

Hence…. rollers!

I was super stoked with how shiny, smooth and wonderful my experience was. 

Usually, at other salons I am asked way too many questions and leave feeling a tad unhappy with the result. 

This was my third visit to Pravina’s Hair Salon and everytime I walked out feeling more beautiful. It’s not the cheapest hair cut but, at R350, it was incredibly worth it. Sometimes the value-add makes all the difference.

Thanks Pravina… see you again soon!

Madness of parenting 

From the moment I am suddenly awoken by Shiv’s screaming cries at 4am to the time I eventually crawl into bed at 11pm I am constantly moving, thinking, panting and trying to work all at once. 

It’s been a year now and still, I haven’t figured out how to get all my work done, cook, eat, excersize, dance, spend quality hubby time (let alone friend time) and most importantly – get enough sleep.

This world is insanely busy. There is always something going on. Being a parent means becoming a superhuman. This job is not for the faint hearted!

Then there are the million-and-one parenting advice and rules from grandparents, family and friends who have to make it known that they know more than you by showing off their experiences and never actually letting us figure it out for ourselves, which is both incredibly annoying and overwhelming!

But however crazy my world becomes, I somehow manage to maintain order by marking my territory as an Alpha female – it’s exhausting – but my personality forces me into battle mode, to prove I am worthy of being Queen of my tribe. 

To make things a tad more crazy, I’m Indian. Which means there are always family functions and visits I have to do, which leaves me with little or no time to just spend time alone with my own family… let’s not even try getting me time!  

It’s been a rollercoaster ride. Late nights, early mornings, sore eyes and tired bodies. Every parents lifestyle. 
Yet, somehow, we wouldn’t change it for the world! There is something about the presence of a child. They make you feel like everything is perfect…. well… until they start crying their tops off! 

I always said that life does not stop when you have children. Ofcourse, that was a statement made by my very single, very inconsiderate, know-it-all younger self! Life kinda does stop for a little while when children come into the picture. Maybe it’s more that it stopped being what it used to be and changed forever, with no point of return. And that’s the challenge. Trying to make everything fit in with your goals, lifestyle and dreams.

Tough one huh? 

Ofcourse it is! It’s definitely different… very different. But it’s different in a better way. 

In the madness of trying to find your sanity and providing unconditional love … your reason will come to the fore and you will realize that all of this is worth it. Your reason, your purpose. The definition of who you are as a human. And when that happens… everything looks beautiful! 

Blessed are we who parent a child. For a child is the embodiment of purity, and only in purity can we find God. 

We are ANGRY

A criminal was beaten to a pulp by motorists because he tried to hi-jack an innocent old man. Another criminal was beaten and thrown into the bushes for the police to find after he tried to steal a car from a poor mans home.

Our people are angry! We are afraid everyday to live in our homes, because it no longer feels safe. We are afraid to go to the park, malls, schools or even the movies. We can’t afford security guards and so we rely on your officers to make us feel safe.

Our people are bickering and fighting. And when they fight they hurt each other and damage our schools and universities.

You say you are here for us, but whenever we ask for your help you ignore us. Do you know what it feels like to be us? How can you? You have a mansion, with servants and too much free time, so you mate and bask, while we work tirelessly to pay for your fancy lifestyle.

Our people are lost, and they need to be guided. Is our turmoil not loud enough for you to hear?

We trusted you, we voted for you, and now, 22 years later, Tata turns in his grave. You have let us down. You have let him down.

Why have you become selfish? When was it ok to forget about the poor? Tata said overcoming poverty was an act of justice – it is not natural to be in poverty. So why do you smile  back at us with no response, while you get fatter on our hunger?

We are losing respect from our global friends and soon we will be exactly like what was once the bread basket of Africa.

We need more. We deserve more. We want a new, younger, more degreed person, who will lead our people into salvation. This new leader will not be jailed in the past. This new leader will understand and empathise with the past, and act in accordance to righteousness of being good and doing good.

We need to be saved – or else our people will get more angry… and if we don’t do something soon… their anger will end our nation.

You can help us get better – all you have to do is change.

We need change – change for the better. Change to be sure of a brighter future. We don’t want to see our leader in the news for bad things. We want to see our leader making news for being great – like Tata was.

We need another Tata!

We need a saviour!

God Bless Africa

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika



The most exhilarating experience for me is having to walk into a MAC store. The people, the atmosphere and … the make-up!

I first bought my MAC back in 2009 when no one my age was into it. I was working at a fashion company and was around older women who knew alot about make-up. I was naive and quickly learnt that to be valued and taken seriosuly in the fashion world, I needed to up my game and learn more about the environment I was working in.

I remember my first experience so clearly. It was at the MAC in Edgars Westville. I was greeted by a team of black attired eccentric females whome I thought wore waaay too much make-up. The make-up attendent who ‘chose me’ took me to the nearest seat and asked what I would like. I explained that I didn’t know coz all I wore was kajol. She was shocked at my lack of knowledge and proceeded to bring everything to me. She applied Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation and already I could see how airbrushed my face looked. I was glowing and all I had was base.

After impressing me with this, she asked if I had heard of contouring, to which I replied no. After she explained this to me with pics I advised her that contouring may not be for me as I’m not much of a morning person so taking time in the morning to contour my face would be close to impossible! She then decided to go with a simple make-up application for both on-stage and off, casual, night time and every other time. I also explained that I didn’t want to use foundation on my face everyday, so she recommended the Pro Longwear Powder which I now SWEAR BY!

What’s even more satisfying is that I don’t have to buy make-up every other month. MAC is reliable and has really changed the way I look in every environment I am in. I am more confident and don’t need to look in a mirror all the time because I am that sure of how good my MAC looks on me. My skin is soft, supple and natural looking, which is exactly how make-up should be.

Thank you MAC – you’ve made me beautiful!

Don’t you love Ri Ri – YES – she is a MAC girl too!





It’s not so much about what you wear. It’s more about how you wear it. It’s also not so much how you wear decent clothes, but more that you are decent in character.

As we move into a more modern age, with everything becoming more commercialised, more ‘out there’ and loud, we often lose focus of what really matters.

People are angry and rude which is why they have little respect. I see it in the work place everyday.

I used to think perhaps it was me, that I was doing something wrong, but as I grew older and worked for longer, I realised it was never me.

We have moved into a more ‘free’ society – but are we really free?

It is NOT ok to be rude to someone even if you are upset.

It is NOT ok to throw a tantrum at the office if someone hasn’t done something (there could be many variables why they didn’t, why don’t you find out nicely?)

It’s NOT ok to think you are better than others because you have a higher ranking at work, or otherwise.

It’s NOT ok for you to spread your miserable attitude onto others

I am tired of rude people.


Mind your language!!!

I’m Ro.

I’m South African of Indian descent.

I follow a Hindu philosophy.

I am neither Tamil, Hindi, Telegu, Gujirathi, Urdu, Sanskrit or Arabic. I can however, converse in Hindi, Tamil and Sanskrit.

Does that make me less of a person?


If anything, it makes me more!

More versatile. More learned. More open minded. More diverse.

The old age battle between people who speak North Indian languages, commonly known in SA as the ‘bread ous’ and people who speak South Indian languages – the ‘porridge’ ous – is what is wrong with our Indian people!

Sure, one can be proud of ones language, but does it have to be better than another? Does it have to make you seem more socially elite to another? … Like… WTF???

Who cares that you’re Tamil, Hindi or Gujirathi speaking? Are you a good person? Do you have good values? Is your moral compass true to righteousness?

Why are there temples and places of worship that only sing in Tamil, Gujirathi or Hindi? Do you think God blesses you more based on the language you choose to praise with?

Come on Indians! Wake up! Stop being so backward! How can we have racial freedom when we don’t even have equality within our own race.

Do not be sucked into an old school of thought.

It’s ok to marry another, it’s ok to speak another, it’s ok to embrace another.

Let’s be forward thinkers. Let’s not encourage our children to be prejudice. Let’s be bold to be the change!

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Behind the glory, lives the madness 

When Shiv was born, I instantly forgot about all the troubled days my hubster and I underwent. It was a long journey. We were tested to a point of explosion.

If you’re planning on having kids, perhaps you should consider taking some notes now. Have you heard of a condition loosely called, PUPPP? It’s basically a skin rash that is common in your third trimester. It itches continuously and the more you try to stop scratching it, the more it itches and scabs all over your body. Only  1 in every 200 first time mums get this horrid condition and 75% of these ‘infected’ mums birth boys. It has to do with your hormones rejecting that of the baby’s. This experience is like death – warmed up – and the only cure is actual birth! Can you imagine!?! 

I happened to be unfortunate enough to get PUPPP in my last trimester! It was a gruesome roller coaster for my hubby and I. We spent hours awake applying camomile lotion all over my body which only gave me an hour of satisfaction untill the itch began again. 

It got so bad that I became extremely emotional and was forced to go on maternity leave early. 

I would sit in my room all day with the icy aircon and watch TV to take my mind off the itch. I tried everything, creams, ice, soaps, Indian remedies…. NOTHING! I had no choice but to bear this out till the end of my pregnancy. 

Here’s what it looked like (you may want to skip this if you’re too sensitive)

It first appears in your stretch marks on your belly and then it spreads to your legs and arms. This photo was taken only in the first week of me getting PUPPP, it got pretty bad by the time I was ready to give birth.

The other challenge of pregnancy was my weight gain, water retention and swelling. My body held so much water that I could not walk, sit or sleep. To add to the trauma of my last trimester, my hands and feet started burning and became itchy, this, I was told was normal along with the  edema in pregnancy. 

My will power was tested, I felt like God needed me to be ready for motherhood and so he made sure I was strong. 

When Shiv arrived, I instantly forgot about everything and the most important lesson I learnt was that nothing goes according to plan in pregnancy. 

I was all set to have a natural birth, but Shiv wasn’t engaging, and so on the day he was due I asked my doc to please take him out as I could no longer function as a normal human being. 

When the doc pulled him out she said I was right to go this route as the umbilical chord was tightly wrapped around his neck and had he engaged he would have gone into distress and it would be an emergency c-section anyway! 

Looking back I realize everything happened in favour of us having a gorgeous, healthy baby. Being pregnant for me was a roller coaster … But it’s so worth it! Having my Hubster help me on this journey and be my strength is what kept me sane.

We are blessed to be human, and we are blessed to learn how strong we truly are through God’s tests, trials and miracles.

Now I embrace the challenges of motherhood, and I say BRING IT ON! 

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