We are ANGRY

A criminal was beaten to a pulp by motorists because he tried to hi-jack an innocent old man. Another criminal was beaten and thrown into the bushes for the police to find after he tried to steal a car from a poor mans home.

Our people are angry! We are afraid everyday to live in our homes, because it no longer feels safe. We are afraid to go to the park, malls, schools or even the movies. We can’t afford security guards and so we rely on your officers to make us feel safe.

Our people are bickering and fighting. And when they fight they hurt each other and damage our schools and universities.

You say you are here for us, but whenever we ask for your help you ignore us. Do you know what it feels like to be us? How can you? You have a mansion, with servants and too much free time, so you mate and bask, while we work tirelessly to pay for your fancy lifestyle.

Our people are lost, and they need to be guided. Is our turmoil not loud enough for you to hear?

We trusted you, we voted for you, and now, 22 years later, Tata turns in his grave. You have let us down. You have let him down.

Why have you become selfish? When was it ok to forget about the poor? Tata said overcoming poverty was an act of justice – it is not natural to be in poverty. So why do you smile  back at us with no response, while you get fatter on our hunger?

We are losing respect from our global friends and soon we will be exactly like what was once the bread basket of Africa.

We need more. We deserve more. We want a new, younger, more degreed person, who will lead our people into salvation. This new leader will not be jailed in the past. This new leader will understand and empathise with the past, and act in accordance to righteousness of being good and doing good.

We need to be saved – or else our people will get more angry… and if we don’t do something soon… their anger will end our nation.

You can help us get better – all you have to do is change.

We need change – change for the better. Change to be sure of a brighter future. We don’t want to see our leader in the news for bad things. We want to see our leader making news for being great – like Tata was.

We need another Tata!

We need a saviour!

God Bless Africa

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika



Pyaar, Ishq aur… Mohabbath

 I was scared. Afraid. Petrified. I didn’t know what to expect and no one ever told me what it would be like.

All I knew, that it was happening and it was happening now.

It felt so foreign, and yet familiar. I remember closing my eyes and saying, “just go with it!”

Never did I think it would go on this long. Never fading, getting better day by day.

I became more in tune with my thoughts, feelings and desires.

How can this feel so perfect? Will it ever end? Will I get tired and move on?

None of these questions scared me. I didn’t care! I knew what I wanted. What I needed. What my heart yearned for.

I was happy to do anything for it … I became an addict. I relied on this feeling to secure my happiness.

There was nothing else that mattered.

All I felt was true elation.

All I felt was love.

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The world I live in

The sad truth about the world in which we live

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I live in a world of unfairness

A world that judges me for my truth and loves me for my lies.

A world where people have stopped caring for others in the same way they care for their own.

I live in a dark, gloomy world that sees my merit but is scared of my success – a judgmental world that thrives on negativity and shoots down my growth.

My world is not fair.

My world is filled with people who are willing to cheat their way to ‘success’ than to be honest and fair

I live in a place that has gallons of opportunity, but leaders who choose to trample and take it all for themselves.

I live in a world of unfairness… a world that prays for self-growth, but ignores the child that needs food and education

A world that will choose gossip and scandal over transparency and loyalty

I live in a world that is deemed unfair because of the venomous people in it.

I live in a world that needs change…

And I am willing to be just that!

I live in a world that’s mine… and I want to see it better!

This Love


We were blinded at first… believing that we would be normal like the rest of the world.

We were not normal, we were different and this difference made me realise that he was never meant to be physically with me, to live with me, to marry me, to father my children. He was only supposed to love me and be loved by me.

He told me he would love me forever, and I thought that meant marriage, children and growing old together.

It didn’t!

It meant more than what we know in this world. It meant having a love so true and so pure, that we could love each other on a cosmic level. Beyond life, beyond death and beyond what God had planned for us.

We had free will, and this free will we used to conquer physical attachment. This free will we chose to love endlessly.

He told me, not even God can make him stop loving me, and I believed him.

I believed that we were stuck in a vicious world that didn’t understand the purity of our love. A world that forced me to love a husband, but never a man. A world that would not allow us to be together. A bitter world that thought if they separated us, we would stop loving.

They were wrong!

We loved… the more they fought us apart, the stronger our love grew. With every rising sun, we grew fonder, we fell deeper…

They thought they had won… but we knew they hadn’t!

We had conquered all that was worldly and reached a state of happiness… We had found love. Our love was true, and innocent. Our love was proof that anything was possible. Our love … a once in a lifetime blessing, that only the lucky few got to enjoy.

He told me he would love me forever…
And I truly felt his aching words in the depth of my soul.

He told me he would love me forever… and I believe his forever will never die!

My Expectations

I have so many expectations.

Expectations of people to be honest, caring and kind

Expectations to live without fear, crime and jeopardy

Expectations of being treated equally, with dignity, integrity, honour, compassion and love

I expect to be understood, and to understand in return

I expect to have the ‘know how’ to be good and do good

I expect to combat anger, jealousy, hatred and irritation

And I expect to always be graceful under any circumstance.

If my expectations are the same as yours – why am I accused of having them too high?

Am I wrong for wanting better?

Am I wrong for believing that this world in which we live can change for the better by one loving gesture?

How can my expectations be high, when choosing less will annihilate our moral compass?

My expectation is common, it’s universal, it’s one – and I pray, it will be met!


I’m different.

And because I’m different, I’m judged.

Why is it required of me to be like you?

Why should I conform to that which is ‘normal’?

What is ‘normal’ anyway? – that which is perceived by the masses? – who wants to be a part of the masses? Who wants to be  a sheep, a follower, a statistic?

I’m beyond that.

I lead, I command.

I am the object of fear, the unrealistic dreamer.

Why should I fear you, you who has never had the courage to stand tall for anything, you who has always stood in the shadow, you who wants to kill my vision and judge my honesty.

Why do you assume to be better than I, when you are but a venomous crowd?

I choose reality. I choose truth. I choose righteousness. I choose me.

I am a result of the Divine. I am the product of the Almighty. I am the child of the Creator.

How dare you question this design! How dare you assume that you are created better than I? How dare you judge God’s perfect masterpiece!

I am me.

I am not you.

So when you look at me, understand… I’m Different.