She made me feel 19 years old again. She made me feel inadequate. She made me feel stupid.

Everything I did was wrong. Everything I did was never good enough. I had no personality and energy – she said. 

I was confused? What have I become? Why was I failing? How was this happening? 

I felt betrayed by the people who I thought were good. I felt alone, daunted by the circumstance I faced! 

When will it end. God said this would get better! 

Back home was a mess, work was a mess… and I had become a mess.

I knew it was not fair. I knew I was wronged. 

What could I do?

I had to choose! 

So I listened to God’s voice inside me, I picked my head up and decided … I will fight! 

I will fight because I had a WHY.. and that WHY told me that no matter what comes my way, I will win!

I will be better, richer, wiser! 

I will not let racial discrimination, unethical rudeness and pathetic leadership define my future! 

I am the creator of my own destiny. I am a fighter, a leader.

I am distinguished, able and loyal. 

I am honest, kind and true! 

I do not quit! 


One day I will look back and have a chuckle!

One day I will have said … #ThisTooShallPass 
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